Hello! My name is Tom Oshiro. I’m originally from Japan, but I currently live in Brisbane, Australia. I love the beautiful weather, nature, and the laid back people living here in Brisbane. I lived my childhood in California from 2 yo to 9 yo and also in Japan for about 10 years, so I’m fluent in both English and Japanese.

I graduated college in Hawaii (KCC), but now I’m planning to transfer to University of Queensland from Feb 2016 to study Linguistics and French (hopefully I can become a perfect trilingual!). My goal is to get an MA or PhD at UQ and become an English teacher in Japan, or a TESOL teacher in AUS or somewhere else in the world.

Some of my hobbies are cooking, wine tasting, traveling, and chilling out at the beach:)

Most of my posts will be about my everyday life in AUS. Plz feel free to follow me:)

Here’s my Japanese blog if you are interested↓↓

Tom in Australia (Ameba Blog)

My favorite quote:

“The only way to achieve all of your dreams is to fully enjoy every step of your journey”


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